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Coming into balance


The sill of the door is the root meaning of the word "dervish" -"whirling dervishes" - Sufi mystics - and refers to the door between worlds.

We are spirit and flesh. our consciousness is basically outside of space and time looking in through the door.


If we pass too far through the door we become lost to spirit and the greater reality from which the physical one is created. We lose the context.


If we hang back from the door, then we are avoiding the life we have chosen. We wanted to be here, the challenges we face are our challenges, and I am speaking to the part of you that knows that.

Our consciousness is equipped to interpret both worlds, translating one into the other.


The sill of the door then is the present, the here and now, the moment. Where space and time meet, where all realities, all possibilities intersect, where all choices are made and all actions are taken, all promises broken or kept.

THerapies in london


All sessions are tailored to the individual, you will be supported to be authentic, to find and express what is right for you, and encouraged to take responsibility for your own healing process.

The techniques used are designed to take a person on an encounter with who they actually are. The techniques come from combinations of many traditions ranging from Zen to Tantra, stillness to movement, and may include deeply centred and grounding meditation trauma-release music and movement, or touch, as required.


The approach is centred around bringing a person into a deeper connection with their true self,  shedding who they are not in order to enter into each deeper layer of being. Much of this is deeply held attachments to a world invested in separation and pain, trauma and other versions of the past impinging on the present. 


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