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trauma resolution

To any degree that the past impinges on and limits the ability to be fully and freely in the present, can be considered trauma.   

It may or may not be known and understood intellectually, but that kind of knowledge in itself does not heal.   Trauma may be attributed to a single horrific event or events, or a build-up of relentless infringements on personal autonomy, which are only indications of a deeper issue looking to be resolved.   


The past is not supposed to limit us now, and once resolved, the lesson is how to not be a victim to the past, to the world,  events, or to others, anymore. 

Sessions are designed to access and release trauma from the body, rather than as mentally working out of what happened.  In doing so,  the range of emotions that keep it locked into the mind-body system as a lived reality is released.


Past life Release


The source of major life issues are rarely in this life.  They are attempts as resolving issues that span back further,  and after spending on a person's own psychological makeup, it may be time to bring them forward for healing.  

My methods are no more abstract than for healing trauma from the past within this life:  it is a physical release of trapped energies, that accesses and heals the issue. It is the body, rather than mind-led, and so requires a focus that goes beyond the issues to the solution:  The core self, which is, and always has been, simply and profoundly, enough.  Enough to address the challenges of life as it is presented to us in each moment. 

This is a way to practically and progressively make this a the lived reality.

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